Most complete marketing solution for YouTube ever created.

Key features : PowerTube

It`s not just any marketing software for YouTube, it`s the ultimate marketing software for YouTube.

Comment reply

Has the feature of replying video comments.

Rank Tracking

Tracks your contents rank on YouTube easily.

Like, comment & subscription

Helps you to like and comment on others video and auto subscribe/unsubscribe channels.

Detailed features

PowerTube Can outrun any other YouTube marketing tools existing in the market.

Comment reply

Has the feature of replying video comments.

Playlist Manager

Has the feature of managing your playlists much easier than ever.

Rank Tracking

Has the feature of tracking your contents rank on YouTube easily.

Channel & video analytics

Has the feature of analytics of channels & videos.

Like & comment

Helps you to like and comment on others video by searchig with keywords or channel.


Helps to subscirbe your desired channels by searching with provided keywords.

Search Engine

A customized search engine that will help you to search for video, playlists, channels.

Video upload

Allows you to upload video to your channel easily.

Comment reply


Comment reply is one of the key features that makes this software so special

Import channel

Import your YouTube channel just click on login with YouTube button.

Comment template

You can reply to your videos comment using comment template.

Create campaigns

You can create `comment reply` campaign for all your YouTube videos.

Full delivery reports

You will able to see the full campaign delivery reports,where you will find the final report.

About our app


Boost your business leveraging the power of YouTube.

PowerTube - Most complete video marketing solution ever created.

Is a very new and surprising invention for internet marketing. YouTube is providing some technique for marketing that are hidden and nobody implemented yet. YouTube doesn’t provide any front-end interface to use these powerful features. It’s only possible by using some good programming knowledge. The most interesting part is, it’s totally no cost marketing that is far far effective than other social marketing.

App screenshots


Here are some screenshots of how it looks. See the amazing shots and enjoy.

Awesome app

World`s very first and very fast comment replier to your video`s comment. We explored and implemented all YouTube APIs available and brought to you the best out of the best. Everything you wanted to do with your channel is now possible.

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